Customized to be right for You

*All our customers enjoy a 20% discount on squarespace hosting fees for the first year and receive a year free of Google business email.

  • Portfolio
  • $3,000
  • Perfect for smaller and service based businesses to establish digital presence. Site and Media designed to showcase services and location.
  • x2 30 sec highlight videos
  • x15 HD Photos
  • x1 Branded Background Video (1min)
  • x2 mini 360 walkthroughs (6 steps)
  • Site Design and Production
  • x3-5 Consultations
  • Established
  • $6,000
  • Designed for businesses that need extensive media coverage and simple, online product sales.
  • x2 30-45 sec Background videos
  • x15-30 HD Photos
  • x1 Branded Background Video (1min)
  • x1 full 360 walkthroughs (30 steps)
  • Site Design and Production
  • x3-5 Consultations
  • Integrated Online Commerce
  • Google Business Page/Email Set-up
  • x1 full commercial production (1min)
  • Full Production
  • Custom Pricing
  • Custom pricing for businesses that need high impact, continuous media production annually or specialty websites.
  • Build your own package

*Retainer fee required to book specific dates for media updates (for all packages).


Our Packages Are:

  • Comprehensive

    The coupling of custom Production and web design ensures your message is consistent in style, content, and intent.
  • Brand Oriented

You remain in control of the message through regular consultation and check-ins with us throughout the design/production process.

  • Cross Platform

All Media we produce will be shared with you for use on: your website, facebook, instagram, and any other platform your business uses.

  • Flexible

All our packages have the flexibility to meet your unique needs, and can be upgraded or added to as needed. 



Web Packages Portfolio



Designed to highlight Alex's needs as a contractor, this site features his work in HD video, photography, and 360 photography.  


The Gainesville Fisher House needed a custom site that featured media ranging from virtual walkthroughs to a full commercial. 

Portal 1.png

Full Production

Splashy background videos,  handdrawn custom icons, and ongoing marketing productions scheduled for advertising.